Aston Villa Face Battle to Keep the ‘New Bellingham’ As Bundesliga Giants Eye Move

Aston Villa Face Battle to Keep the ‘New Bellingham’ As Bundesliga Giants Eye Move

Aston Villa are bracing themselves for a bid for outstanding youngster Carney Chukwuemeka, with reports in Germany claiming Borussia Dortmund are interested.

Dortmund had previously swooped on the Midlands to sign Birmingham City’s Jude Bellingham. They’ve now set their sights on Chukwuemeka, according to a story in German journal Der Westen.

Since moving to the Bundesliga, Bellingham has been a big success. The 18-year-old has already made 23 appearances for the club and has three goals to his name.

Dortmund are eyeing a move for Chukwuemeka, buoyed by the success of the Bellingham deal. According to Der Westen, the Bundesliga club has noted the two players’ similarities.

They’re both in their twenties, have similar physical features, and are “as at ease as a number eight.” Dortmund appears to have made up their mind and will make a bid at some point in the future.

Concerns about Aston Villa’s contract

Aston Villa are undoubtedly desperate to keep hold of the player, but the player’s contract situation poses a problem. The 18-year-contract old’s expires in the summer of 2023, and he has yet to sign a new deal.

Indeed, there is no hint that he will sign a new deal anytime soon, and Dortmund is keeping a tight eye on him. According to estimates from Germany, this might be the best time to attack.

Chukwuemeka made an impression while playing in the Premier League 2 and has now progressed to the Villa senior team.

Villa manager Steven Gerrard thinks highly of him, but it’s unclear what the future holds. Chukwuemeka will be desperate for regular first-team action at Villa Park as soon as possible.

Dortmund has shown that they are not afraid to give young players a chance, and Chukwuemeka will most certainly be aware of Bellingham’s success. And he might want the same thing.

That could be why he has yet to sign a new contract with Villa. He is said to be undecided and will make his ultimate decision at the end of the season.

Premier League interest

Gerrard is trying everything he can to keep Chukwuemeka at bay. He has guaranteed him that if he maintains his current level of performance, he would be promoted to the first team.

“We believe this is the best place for him, and if anyone else disagrees, I’d like to sit in front of them and talk about it because he’s a local guy who enjoys it,” the Villa manager stated.

Gerrard was responding as the level of curiosity grew. Liverpool, Manchester United, and Manchester City are also interested in keeping him in England.

Bayern Munich, according to Der Westen, is also interested in Dortmund. Villa are fighting for their lives, and Chukwuemeka must make a crucial decision.



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