UCL: Potter- I’m Not Sure About Chelsea’s Number One Goalkeeper 

UCL: Potter- I'm Not Sure About Chelsea's Number One Goalkeeper 
UCL: Potter- I’m Not Sure About Chelsea’s Number One Goalkeeper

Graham Potter, manager of Chelsea, admitted that he hasn’t made up his mind regarding the team’s starting goalkeeper.

In Chelsea’s goal against AC Milan in the Champions League on Wednesday, Kepa Arrizabalaga might continue to start.

The former Brighton manager stated he was not yet prepared to identify his top candidate for goalkeeper.

“I’m not in a rush to assign somebody a one, two, or other rating. I want to assist Edouard in becoming fit and prepared to play, which he has done admirably thus far, Potter told the press.

“After then, there are two goalkeepers, and in a perfect world, you want football to make the call. We’re in a great position because we have two people we firmly believe in.

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Potter has received praise for the “progressive” and “unconventional” coaching techniques he employs. His players and staff at stersund were encouraged to participate in community activities like acting in plays and musical productions that would push them beyond their comfort zones.

“Tactically versatile, offensive, [and] possession-based,” is how Potter characterizes his sides. He used an adaptable 3-5-2 configuration at stersund that was focused on ball possession. Henrik Larsson, a former player for Celtic and Barcelona, commented on Potter’s style of play, saying that he “played all different kinds of systems, beginning off a match one way, then they started playing a new system halfway through, and then they ended up with a third system.” And every player was fully aware of their roles. Swansea’s team made the most passes per 90 minutes in the Championship thanks to Potter’s utilization of ten different formations.

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