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Who will triumph in the Champions League 2020-21?

Champions League 2020-21
Who will triumph in the Champions League 2020-21?

The Champions League group stages have just started! In past years we have become accustomed to some unbelievable comebacks, underdogs reaching the semi-finals, and eight goals against one team.

The best clubs on the planet may have something special prepared for us this time around. 1xBet has four likely outcomes for the new Champions League season and is highlighting five favourites here.

1. Bayern successfully defends title

Fans were talking of the Champions League jinx not so long ago. After the tournament was rebranded in 1992, no team could defend the title and win two seasons on the trot. The unlucky streak was finally broken by Real Madrid. The team managed to win the trophy three seasons in a row, from 2016 to 2018. The current Bayern Munich team could also defend the title. It is hard to find a team better than Bayern this year, and the Bavarians have brushed away all rivals with such ease. With the arrival of Leroy Sane, the team can only improve and get stronger. Can the Bavarians triumph again this drastic? It wouldn’t be such an unexpected outcome.

2. Real Madrid returns to the throne

Real Madrid has always been a strong contender in the Champions League holding a record number of victories and records that are impossible to top. After Cristiano Ronaldo left, the team has struggled in the competition with two consecutive early exits. It isn’t all bad news, however. Last season fans were optimistic, and under Zidane’s experienced leadership, the team has regained stability, and the youth are progressing well. And we haven’t seen the best of Eden Hazard yet! Perhaps Real will claim victory this time around?

3. Messi or Ronaldo to win the Champions League and Ballon d’Or

The Messi-Ronaldo rivalry may be coming to a close as the two football greats are scoring fewer goals with each passing year. Other worthy candidates are challenging for the Golden Ball; nevertheless, a suspicion lingers that Ronaldo or Messi can capture more glory shortly. A Barcelona or Juventus triumph looks unlikely on paper; however, it would be a fairytale ending to their careers if Juventus or Barcelona claim the Champions League trophy this season!

4.  Ajax Football Tale

Ajax came tantalisingly close to victory last year, falling one step short of the Champions League final. Football underdog victories in this tournament are rare; however, the time may have come for Ajax. Jose Mourinho’s Porto was the last team to achieve a fairytale victory in 2004. Ajax is a vibrant, young team with many potential future stars. An Ajax victory can provide a massive windfall of your bet on Ajax.

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