Barcelona looses six board members

Barcelona looses six board members

Six committee members resigned from their respective positions in Barcelona, Reasons were stated in their letter to the club president.

Josep Maria Bartomeu was told about their decision through a letter which was strongly worded.

They club mananger was challenged, and demanded that it be assessed as soon as possible.

“We want to communicate here that the undersigned managers have been assigned to President Bartomeu; our choice to resign irreversibly from our role as FC Barcelona managers,” read part of the group’s letter via La Vanguardia.

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“We have reached this stage by not being able to change the club’s management requirements and methods in the face of the significant challenges of the future and, in particular, of the current post-pandemic situation.”

Bartomeu, who’s been in control since 2015, recently came under criticism for the way he manages the club.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Barca has already announced 70 per cent salary cuts for their players.


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