Register for New88 – Check New88 sports betting now in just 4 simple steps!


There are many players who join New88 and know that this is a very good game portal. However, there are still people who do not know how to register as members to place bets thể thao New88. Hopefully after reading the sharing below, you will apply it successfully, opening an account in just 2 minutes!

Note before registering for New88

Register for a New88 account

Any game portal has clear rules for players. Regarding opening an account, only people over 18 years old (according to CCCD) can enter the betting house. Therefore, if you want to bet on New88 sports, you must be old enough.

Besides, you also need to remember that the house will have a clear security and information checking system to avoid fraud. If you intend to cheat when betting, give up immediately because this game portal will lock your account if it detects a dishonest player. If you are old enough and commit to following the regulations of this website, please now see the steps you need to take to open a game account.

Detailed instructions for registering for New88, betting odds thể thao New88

After carefully reading the important notes above, you can now register to become a member of the house. Regarding the order of registration steps as well as specific information, in this section players will have detailed answers.

Step 1: The player goes to the house’s website

This is the first step to do and to enter the house, you can apply the following methods:

  • Use the official link and click to access the game portal
  • Use a backup link to the house if the main website is blocked
  • Use the New88 app to enter the game portal

Step 2: Bet player fills in information

Instructions for registering a New88 account

After accessing the house’s homepage, you will next need to open the information page. To open the registration profile page, you must search on the home page. The “Register” section will be placed in the right corner of the screen. If you look at the top corner, you will see it immediately.

Next, the player clicks on the “Register” section found and begins to fill in some specific content. This bookmaker’s requirement is that the bettor will have to fill in their ID, password, email as well as phone number, specifically:

  • ID (login name): enter ID with both numbers and letters. When writing your login name, be sure to type without diacritics and write immediately.
  • Password: players should use strong passwords for better information security. A standard and valid password must also have 6 characters or more. Be sure to set a password and save it so you can use it later.
  • Full name: In this section, you must fill in your full name according to CCCD. If you fill in a strange name that does not match your name, you will not be able to deposit or withdraw money in the future.
  • Email: please fill in your usual email, usually gmail, and pay attention to checking your mailbox to receive notifications from the house.
  • Phone number: don’t be afraid to give out your phone number for fear of disturbing you. The house requires the player to provide a phone number so that the player can receive the OTP code when making a transaction. This will make each deposit and withdrawal safer.

Step 3: Wait for the confirmation message

Once you have completed filling in the information and submitting to the game portal, just wait a few seconds and the dealer will notify you that you have successfully opened an account. Normally, this notice will be sent to all players. Only if you fill in the wrong information will it not be approved. From now on, players can actively log in to bet on Thể thao New88 with all the attractive content.

Step 4: Deposit money and place online Sports bets

Deposit money and check Handicap football odds at New88 sports site

This is the last step that players take if they want to go to this website to bet online. Currently, because it does not support trial mode, New88 will require players to deposit money to bet online. The deposit limit is more or less depending on the member’s wishes, but the house also has minimum limits for each payment channel.

Bet players can deposit manually, deposit via internet banking, deposit with e-wallet,… When you have finished depositing money, you can return to the home page, select the Sports section, then choose a sport to participate in. In each subject, there will be odds for each tournament. You can look at the odds table, place bets and wait for the results.

Hopefully with this very detailed 4-step guide, you will easily register as a New88 member. Successfully opening an account is important to help bettors participate in thể thao New88 as soon as possible. Read more articles sharing soccer betting tips to bet confidently, effectively and win.


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