Favorites to Win Euro 2024


The quarter-finals of Euro 2024 are set to begin on July 5th, and fans eagerly anticipate some thrilling matchups. Spain will face Germany in what is expected to be the most closely-fought game of the round, and Portugal will clash with France in another exciting contest. 

England will go up against Switzerland, while the Netherlands will take on Turkey in the last quarter-final. Betting enthusiasts can start placing bets on these games using the 22bet bonus code to receive a welcome bonus.​


England enters the quarter-finals as the bookmakers’ favorite, with odds of +350 to win the tournament. The Three Lions have often been contenders in major tournaments, but they are seen as the leading favorites this time. Their squad is packed with attacking talent, headlined by Bayern Munich striker Harry Kane, Real Madrid star Jude Bellingham, and Manchester City’s Phil Foden.

England finished at the top in the group stages with notable performances, including a 1-0 victory over Serbia and a draw against Denmark. In the round of 16, England secured a hard-fought 2-1 win over Slovakia after extra time​. Kane, in particular, has been in stellar form and has scored twice in the tournament.


Spain’s odds of +400 reflect their potential to claim the Euro 2024 title. The team has consistently performed well throughout the tournament, with a solid defense and dynamic attack. In the group stages, Spain achieved victories over Croatia, Italy, and Albania, demonstrating their ability to perform against solid opposition. Their 4-1 triumph over Georgia solidifies their recent form.​

Key players like Alvaro Morata and Pedri have driven Spain’s success. Morata’s scoring ability and Pedri’s playmaking skills have been crucial in their journey. Spain’s clash with Germany in the quarter-finals is expected to be closely contested.


With odds of +450, France is another strong contender for the Euro 2024 title. The reigning World Cup champions have a squad brimming with talent, including Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann. Mbappe has been in phenomenal form, scoring crucial goals and constantly threatening defenses. Griezmann’s record of 18 goal involvements in major tournaments since Euro 2016 highlights his importance to the team.

The potential semi-final clash with England is one of the most anticipated matchups, recalling their dramatic encounter in the World Cup quarter-final.


Germany has also made a strong case for themselves as potential winners of Euro 2024. Their efficient and disciplined performances have been a hallmark of their campaign, including a 2-0 win against Denmark in the round of 16. With experienced players like Joshua Kimmich and emerging stars like Jamal Musiala, Germany boasts a balanced squad. The odds for Germany are +450, which mirrors their consistent performances and the tactical nous of their coach​.

Dark Horses: Switzerland and Turkey’s Outside Chance

As Euro 2024 advances, Switzerland and Turkey have emerged as potential dark horses. While not traditionally seen as top contenders, both teams have delivered impressive performances, making them noteworthy threats to the more established footballing giants. Their odds of winning may be longer, but their potential to disrupt the tournament remains significant.

Switzerland has captivated fans with its disciplined style of play. They progressed to the quarter-finals by defeating Italy 2-0. Players like Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri are in great form and are stepping up in crucial moments. The Swiss are currently placed at +1400 to win the tournament. 

Turkey’s journey to the quarter-finals has been marked by resilience and surprising victories, notably their 2-1 win over Austria. With odds at +3300, Turkey is considered a dark horse, yet its performances have proven it should not be underestimated​​. Turkey’s strengths lie in its physicality and high-intensity play, with players like Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Cengiz Ünder crucial in providing creativity and goal-scoring threats.

Final Thoughts

The quarter-finals of Euro 2024 feature some of the strongest teams in Europe, with England, Spain, France, and Germany leading the pack as favorites. Each team brings unique strengths to the tournament, and their odds reflect the tight competition. As the matches unfold, fans can expect thrilling football and unexpected twists as these teams vie for the coveted Euro 2024 title.

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