How does Premier League handicap betting work on W88 Bookie

W88bz betting experts will explain to you how to bet on Premier League
handicap more thoroughly.

Premier League handicap in general

The Premier League handicap, also known as goal line betting, enables the
bettor to receive better odds on the team that is projected to win any given
match. It predicts the number of goals by which a stronger club is
anticipated to overcome a weaker one.
The Premier League’s top clubs, such as Manchester City, Liverpool,
Manchester United, and others, frequently win the large majority of their
games, hence the money line betting odds are typically very high. The odds
are essentially considerably closer to even when using the goal line or
handicap betting.

How to bet on the Premier League using the Handicap Marketon W88

Now that you have a thorough understanding of what handicap betting is,
we will offer you a specific example because we think that this will really
benefit you. We’ll take the English Premier League betting market as an
example because it’s the best league in the world and is now very well-
Let’s say you support Arsenal and the early Saturday afternoon matchup
between your team and Norwich is on. The host team, Arsenal, has won
three straight games and is currently ranked fourth. Norwich, on the other
hand, has lost their last three away games. Arsenal has odds of 1.60 to
win, while Norwich has odds of 7.00. These are the odds that your
bookmaker is providing.
While Norwich has some good numbers next to their betting odds in the
Premier League, Arsenal has some negative numbers there. If you visit the
W88 bookie for this match and scroll down the various markets, you will
find the handicap betting section.
●Arsenal (-1), 1.80
●Norwich (+1), 3.50
●Arsenal (-2), 2.20
●Norwich (+2), 2.00
The negative number represents the amount of goals that will be deducted
from Arsenal before the game, while the positive number represents the
number of goals that are awarded to Norwich beforehand. As a result, if
you bet on Norwich (+2) at odds of 2.00, it indicates that they will
essentially lead Arsenal 2-0 at the start of the game and that Arsenal must
score three goals while remaining scoreless to prevent you from winning.
Naturally, you won’t win your stake either if Arsenal wins 2-0 because the
game will be deemed a draw.
In contrast, betting on Arsenal (-2) at odds of 2.20 effectively suggests that
Arsenal will start the game with a two-goal deficit. Again, this means that in
order for you to win your wager, Arsenal will need to score three goals
without conceding. A 2-0 victory will result in the game being recorded as a
draw, which is bad for your wager.

2023–24 Premier League Handicap Predictions on W88

Many of the clubs on the list offer value because double figure odds are available for all of them, but W88 has selected my top wager out of the 20 Premier League teams.
Burnley, who dominated the Championship last season, is headed back up
to the Premier League.
They played some wonderful football, scored lots of goals, and occasionally
made the second tier look simple, all with the help of former Manchester
City legend Vincent Kompany.
Although it won’t be simple to replicate that approach in the Premier
League, I believe they will have a successful season and score a lot of
Burnley’s chances of finishing in the top half of the table are not out of the
question given the uncertainty surrounding many other teams in the league.
Should they do so, they would have a 48-point handicap advantage,
making it extremely difficult for them to lose this match.


The detailed explanation above from W88 online bookie at about how Premier League handicap betting works has certainly helped you
understand a lot, and besides, also know how to choose a team to bet on
for the upcoming 2023/04 season.
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