The Future of Football Gambling: Trends and Predictions

The Future of Football Gambling: Trends and Predictions
The Future of Football Gambling: Trends and Predictions

Football betting is a significant factor in the online gambling industry. This isn’t too surprising, football is the most popular sport in the world, and big gambling companies support teams and leagues across the globe. Moreover, businesses invest a lot in promoting this hobby and adding new betting markets. 

We are seeing lots of innovation in the iGaming sector in general. Operators add new games, payment methods, and promos regularly, to attract more players. You can learn about the top-performing operators through, a site that evaluates and analyses online casinos in different regions of the world. The information on the site can be incredibly useful, especially for the new players. Here, we will discuss the trends and predictions in football online gambling and talk about how this activity has evolved over the years.    

Football Gambling Apps with New Markets

The best example of how much online football gambling has changed is the new types of bets that punters can place 

  • Who will score first? 
  • What will be the outcome in the first half
  • Total number of corners
  • Total Goal Minutes

There are dozens of other markets out there that are only made possible through the use of algorithms. What’s more, there are markets in football gambling that don’t have to do with the game at all. Transfer bets have become incredibly popular too. Now that Saudi Arabia has started to acquire talent as well, the transfer bets are about to become far more interesting. 

All of these options will likely become more streamlined through apps. Sportsbooks may reorganise their layouts to make them more user-friendly, and to make it easier for players to find these interesting markets. Currently, these types of bets are available, but you need to scroll a lot to find some of them. 

AI-Assisted Analysis

AI assistance has dominated 2023, and it’s been one of the most controversial topics lately. All things considered, AI tools are useful, and companies continue to invest in their development. Given how odds aren’t always reliable predictors, bettors rely on other analysts, statistics or other gambling football tools to help them with wagers. So, it’s just a matter of time before AI starts to compile and comb through that data to make more accurate predictions. 

Factors like player injuries, weather, roster changes etc., are all relevant and impossible to keep track of. Even if AI cannot predict all of the outcomes accurately, it can be more reliable than the odds generated in sportsbooks. 

Expansion of Live Betting Markets

Live betting has become incredibly popular and useful. In many cases, you can recover from a losing bet if you use live odds. Many wonder how to make money online, and gambling or betting comes up as one of the solutions. Unfortunately, it’s not always consistent, considering that in sports matches, the tables can be easily turned. Whenever this happens, live odds are affected. So, experienced bettors use this opportunity to insure their betting slip. If the team they wagered on takes a lead, they can put a small sum on the opposing team. This way, even if things don’t go as planned, they can still recover their money.  

It’s also worth pointing out that live betting has a lot of room for growth. Right now, sites and apps stream certain matches, and users can tune in. However, to expand the repertoire of betting markets and make them more exciting, operators should stream every match that is on the list. This will allow them to introduce stream drop rewards, which is something that eSports sites are currently using. They can also create pop-ups that allow viewers to place unique bets before every free kick, penalty or corner shot. This will enhance the viewing experience, especially for punters. 

More Exclusive Deals

As stated, the gambling industry or casinos are big sponsors and support multiple leagues or sports. These sponsorship deals are more than just a brand exposure campaign. Operators also gain exclusive rights to data that they can use for their in-house sportsbooks. Additionally, players who love certain teams or athletes will opt to play on the football gambling sites that sponsor their idols. In a way, they feel they are indirectly supporting them. So, it has become a trend that when certain teams play, sponsors give special promotions to gamblers to get them excited about the upcoming match. 

Since new gambling markets are opening up more businesses are established in these new regions. As a result, there will be more sponsorship deals and exclusive offers for betting enthusiasts.   


To sum up, football gambling has changed significantly, and there is plenty of room for growth as well. This is the sport that helps the industry recruit new users and that inspires other gambling content. Fantasy sports, virtual sports, and even some slots and mini-games revolve around football. The market cares about this fan base and is ready to go above and beyond in order to attract more fans of this sport. 

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