Top 10 best midfielders in Dutch football: Midfield superstars


Koeman, juniors De Jong, Gullit, Seedorf,… They are all the best midfielders in Dutch football in the past and present.

The best midfielder in Dutch football is difficult to find just one. Every time, the orange tornado presents outstanding midfielders. An all-out attacking football with top midfielders who can create deadly passes. Together nha cai uy tin List the best Dutch football midfielders in the content below.

Top 1. Best midfielder in Dutch football – Ronald Koeman

Koeman is the best midfielder in Dutch football in 1987, growing up from the Groningen youth academy and playing for Ajax and PSV. The midfielder is also

a member of Johan Cruyff’s “dream team” at Barcelona. Despite playing as a deep-lying midfielder, Koeman still managed to score 88 goals in 264 matches as a player.

Top 2. Midfielder Frank Rijkaard

Frank Rijkaard is among the legendary trio that helped the Netherlands win the Euro 1988 championship. Rijkaard is the best midfielder in Dutch football with excellent passing and finishing ability. One of the greatest midfielders in European football to date with impressive curly hair.

Top 3. Midfielder Johan Neeskens

Johan Neeskens is the conductor of “Total Football”. 1978. The man who led the Netherlands to the World Cup final for the second time in a row but failed at the threshold of heaven. Flexible creative midfielder who played for Ajax and Barcelona.

Top 4. Winger Clarence Seedorf

Clarence Seedorf is the most “comprehensive midfielder” in football in the land of tulips. Seedorf is one of the best midfielders in Dutch football in the 2000s. He won the Champions League and La Liga championship in 1997. The player played for many famous teams and became a football icon. European stone in the midfield. A person with strong playing style, good passing, good vision,…

Top 5. Attacking midfielder Ruud Gullit

Known for his classy tackling, finishing and dribbling skills, Gullit has become the best midfielder in Dutch football. The captain of the orange tornado that won the 1988 Euro championship plays an important role in the team’s squad. Gullit has won three Serie A titles and dozens of other awards during his career.

Top 6. Johan Cruyff

Few players have influenced football as much as Saint Johan. A player with a philosophy of total football, the captain of the orange tornado was indispensable in the success of Ajax in the 1960s and 1970s. This legendary midfielder later became an outstanding coach with his philosophy.

Top 7. Central midfielder Edgar Davids

The Netherlands of the 2000s and find someone who wears glasses to play soccer on the field and that would be Edgar Davids. The former Ajax and Inter Milan midfielder reached the semi-finals of EURO 2000 but failed to win a title in that tournament. The best Dutch football team in history or the 21st century will have this guy wearing glasses.

Top 8. Dutch midfielder – Wesley Sneijder

Among the best midfielders in Dutch football, Sneijder is an indispensable name. The midfielder’s biggest regret is not getting any specific title. Although

winning Serie A and the Champions League with Inter Milan is extremely convincing, the title with the national team is what this midfielder lacks.

Top 9. Left midfielder Arjen Robben

Just like Sneijder and even more regretful than his teammates on the national team. If Robben had beaten Casillas in South Africa, perhaps his career would have been different. The former Chelsea and Bayern Munich player really succeeded in the club shirt. However, after leaving the national team in 2017, this lefty has not yet won a title.

Top 10. JuniorsFrenkie De Jong

Frenkie De Jong is among the best midfielders in Dutch football as well as in the world today. The male soccer player is considered one of the excellent midfielders with the ability to control the ball, creating a balance between defense and attack. In 2019,Frenkie De Jong moved to Barcelona to further demonstrate his role in the Catalan club’s possession style.


These are the top 10 best midfielders in Dutch football ever in the history of the team nicknamed the orange tornado. Let’s nhacaiuytin24 To update more news related to total football in the next article.

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