789Bet Agent – Cooperate and Receive Huge Commissions Immediately


789Bet agent cooperation has become the dream of many people today. In this way, members can become direct partners of the system. Besides, you also have the opportunity to receive a series of different incentives and promotions. Join us to find out what it takes to become a brand agent.

The most detailed overview of the 789Bet agent program

789bet has long been one of Asia’s leading online entertainment service providers. At present, the system has more than 10 million members and a series of daily access records. In particular, this playground from the Philippines always encourages players to become 789Bet partners and agents.

The main job of an agent is to find and guide the entertainment processes at this leading brand. Besides, promoting your image and introducing your brand to more and more players is also your main job. The more customers you get, the more income an agent can bring in.

Introducing details about the program to become a 789Bet agent

Reasons to become a 789Bet agent

Registering to become a 789Bet partner will provide members with a variety of different benefits. Below are some typical advantages that you can receive when working with the system.

Bring to the agent a huge commission

The first benefit that you can easily see is the commissions paid by the system to your partners. Every time a member successfully registers to become a 789Bet agent, the system will provide a basic website with its own code. By introducing, the more members you attract, the higher your total income will be.

The 789Bet bookmaker system provides diverse services

Playground is known as one of the brands providing the most quality and diverse entertainment products on the market today. Therefore, when meeting customers and consulting, it also helps the agent’s process become easier and smoother. This is also one of the reasons why system partners always receive huge bonuses every month.

Supports multi-time, multi-location

Currently, the system is always ready to support agent promotion and help partners answer all inquiries and questions from customers. The main purpose of this is to give all players the opportunity to experience a prestigious and unique entertainment space today.

Advantages that a 789Bet agent can receive

All conditions to become an agent at 789Bet

To be able to become an official agent of the system, there will also be a few requirements. However, most of these requirements are extremely simple and all players can easily fulfill them.

  • First, a representative who registers to become an agent must have all civil responsibilities. Besides, you must also ensure that you do not have any legal involvement.
  • All activities of 789Bet agent partners must be legally public and transparent. In particular, members need to avoid providing fake information when wanting to become our partners.
  • In case the agents do not operate beyond the prescribed time, the playground has the right to suspend cooperation. If you want to work again, you will need to register with another account.
  • Finally, an official agent will not be authorized to run Google or SEO ads on the keyword 789Bet. In case it is discovered that the commissions that players can receive every month or every quarter may be deducted.

Instructions on how to register to become a 789Bet agent

Based on the above information, if the member still wants to continue to become a partner of the system, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: First, players quickly access the official affiliate links that the playground has created specifically for members who want to register to become agents.
  • Step 2: Once you have access to the website, continue to click on the “register agent” box. Here an information panel will appear and require the player to fill in completely and accurately. Typical examples include: Agent name, representative name, password, phone number.
  • Step 3: In addition to the above information, members will also be asked to provide other important data such as email address, referral code, security questions.
  • Step 4: Finally, you just need to wait 1 to 2 days for the system to check all information and confirm the request. Once you have met all the requirements set forth by the system, the customer care department will immediately contact you and provide further instructions on how to become an official 789Bet agent.

Steps to become an official 789Bet agent

Exclusive benefits for 789Bet agents

It is no coincidence that the need to become a partner of the system is increasing. At the present time, the playground is offering its members an extremely attractive commission policy of up to 50%. Besides, the discount rates that a partner can receive will include the following:

  • In each month the total loss of customers from the agent exceeds 5 billion VND, you will receive 50% commission.
  • If a customer’s loss ranges from 2 to 5 billion, the commission an agent will receive is calculated as 45%.
  • In case 789Bet agent’s customers have a total loss of 1 to 2 billion, the discounted commission is 40%.
  • Members will receive a 35% discount if the total amount falls from 200 million to less than 1 billion VND.Agents with a total monthly loss of less than 200 million will receive a commission discount of 30%.

Standards to successfully register to become a 789Bet agent

Below are the standards that if members can meet, any registration process will have a very high chance of success:

  • First, you need to be a Vietnamese citizen and 18 years old or older.
  • Besides, to receive commission discounts each month, you need to have a domestic bank account.
  • Finally, the player needs to confirm that he or she is an individual and has full civil capacity. Currently, the system does not encourage players to register as a 789Bet agent as a group.

All standards to become a 789Bet agent


In the above article, we have introduced to all members the 789Bet affiliate program clearly and in the most detail. This has shown that becoming a partner and co-developing with the system is extremely easy. Please continue to follow hướng dẫn 789bet as we always receive quality articles like this every day.


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