Xsmb prediction from experienced experts in 2024


Predicting XSMB today requires flexibility, intelligence and meticulousness. However, not all new players can choose the right method to catch numbers. Today’s article from will summarize and guide you how to apply standard number selection strategies from experts.

What is today’s XSMB prediction?

First, the Northern lottery is one of the forms of betting established by the Vietnamese government. Part of the player’s money is put into a fund to build and develop society. Predicting XSMB means that you will rely on the statistical table of the previous day’s capital lottery results to predict the numbers that will appear in today’s payout structure.

XSMB prediction is a way of making statistics and choosing numbers

How to participate in prizes when predicting XSMB today

You need to determine the type you will participate in to choose the right method of catching xsmb lottery numbers

  • Bach Thu: You only research and choose one number to place all your hopes on. Although this way of playing has a lot of risks, it helps you get rich quickly.
  • Two players: Bet on any 2 lucky numbers, only 1 of the 2 numbers you choose is in the results table to win.
  • Cross lottery: Including 2 or 3 bets, players will choose 2 or 3 pairs of numbers to bet on. The difference between skewers and double bets is that all winning numbers must come in for you to win.
  • 3 digits: Choose a 3-digit number to place money. No matter where this phrase appears in the XSMB prediction results table, you will still receive a bonus.

Detailed instructions on 4 ways to predict XSMB numbers today

Northern lottery prizes are always of interest to many people because of their attractive payout rates. However, if you only rely on luck, no matter how much money you spend, you will not win. Use the formulas suggested by 789BET below to choose smarter numbers!

Predict XSMB today from third prize

This method provides consistent results for both new and professional players. First, you must clearly understand the rules of yin and yang balls used in lottery. On the homepage of 789BET, there is a statistical table of this xsmb prediction, just need to remember or memorize it.

For example: Number 1 has a positive shadow of 0.6, 7, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, and a negative shadow of 4, 2, 8, 0, 7, 9, 3, 6, 5. You will observe the Northern lottery results table from the previous day to eliminate the numbers that appeared in the prize. After that, choose the remaining numbers to keep for 3 days or play in groups.

Instructions on how to predict XSMB today based on third prize
Instructions on how to predict XSMB today based on third prize

Method of bridging according to the total topic

This strategy can be used in many specialized situations. Although quite simple and not complicated, experts found that the winning rate when calculating the total number is also relatively high, up to 80%. You can choose to play single player or double player after successfully predicting today’s XSMB.

Compile the special prize from the XSMB results table and start adding up each number to find the lucky number. For example: Suppose you find the number sequence that came back yesterday which is 45683, we just need to do the addition calculation and we will get 8 for white and 2 for 26. The total long-term support is about 3 – 5 days waiting for the big explosion.

Bridge XSMB from the dumb end

Today’s XSMB prediction formula has only one note: you must carefully observe the number of times the numbers have not appeared. Focus on choosing lottery numbers that haven’t come back in a long time to increase your chances of winning.

For example: If you notice that today’s results table, number 3 does not appear. In history, this number has not seen any movement for many days. If you have these two factors, then boldly pool your money to bet on numbers 30 – 33. In case both the head and tail are silent, you can combine the pairs of numbers to create a lottery.

Today’s XSMB prediction tips are based on the day

Although it takes you quite a bit of time to compile and innovate, this xsmb prediction method has a very high winning rate. According to the cycle that experts have calculated, if you separate the numbers to each station corresponding to each day, it will be more effective than a general comparison.

  • Monday: Hanoi.
  • Tuesday: Quang Ninh.
  • Wednesday: Bac Ninh.
  • Thursday: Hanoi.
  • Friday: Hai Phong.
  • Saturday: Nam Dinh.
  • Sunday: MB Thai Binh lottery.

Tips for catching today's numbers are based on the day
Tips for catching today’s numbers are based on the day

Predicting XSMB today is extremely simple and easy to practice. Hopefully the useful information above can help you build strategies to catch numbers more accurately. Don’t forget to follow soi cầu xsmb to add other lottery tips!


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