What is Penalty Betting and Information You Need to Know When Betting


Penalty is always a genre that players love to experience in every football match. This type of bet is simple to play, but not all players can grasp the content quickly. That’s why today KEO NHA CAI will summarize important information for new players to easily learn.

Introduction to penalty bets

Regarding penalty bets

Penalty, also known as kick-out betting, often appears in times when two teams need to clearly determine victory or defeat. Therefore, not 100% of football matches have this bet.The player’s task will be to observe and predict the results of free kicks. If you guess the result correctly, the player will receive a super attractive reward.

When taking a free kick, the two teams will take turns kicking 5 goals into the opponent’s goal. The team with more goals will win. In case the two teams have completed 5 kicks but still cannot determine whose goal belongs to them, the referee

will announce the second kick. The two teams will play like that until the final team is found. to go to the next round.

Latest penalty kick rules

Before making predictions or betting, players need to grasp the basic rules of penalty kicks. That way you can determine how to predict and predict more accurately. Specifically:

When will the penalty bet be kicked?

Penalty betting time

Many players are still confused about when the team will start taking free kicks. Specifically, when the referee determines that one of the two teams has committed a penalty error, he will blow the whistle and announce a penalty kick. The referee will signal by blowing the whistle and pointing at the penalty spot.

The referee will then place the ball in a fixed position and begin the free kick. In addition, free kicks also appear in different situations according to the referee’s decision. The players will comply with the established requirements.

Penalty violation situation

The referee will call for a penalty kick if the following situations occur during the match:

  • The error belongs to the defending team. In this case, if there is a goal, it will be recorded, but if there is not, the two teams will take the free kick again from the beginning.
  • The error belongs to the team taking the penalty kick. In case they win, it will have to be retaken.
  • Both teams are at fault and will have to replay.
  • A free kick kicker who touches the ball twice in a row will receive an indirect penalty.

How to properly kick a free kick

The ball will be placed by the referee at a distance of 11 meters from the goal and must be evenly spaced between the two vertical posts. All players of both teams will be moved to a position at least 9.15m away from the penalty spot.

The free kick kicker will move to the ball positions and take the kick. Meanwhile, the opposing goalkeeper must face the goal until the ball is kicked, especially if the goalkeeper can only move horizontally.

Summary of some attractive penalty bets being offered

List of penalty bets

KThe 11m penalty kick has many different variations compiled and provided by the unit to serve players. Members can freely choose and participate in bets to win. One of the bets loved by players is:

  • Penalty over/under bet
  • Penalty score betting.
  • Bet on total successful kicks in penalties.
  • Bet on total goals/penalty loss.
  • Betting team abandons the game.

Experience betting on unbeaten penalty bets

Experience in playing penalty bets

Players not only need to learn about the rules of the game but also equip themselves with many different experiences to increase their winning rate. However, on the market today, forums offer so much information and tips that you cannot determine which effective method to use. That’s why we have compiled and provided proven and effective tips. Specifically:

Learn about players who specialize in penalty kicks

In a football team there will be 1-2 players specifically trained to take free kicks. Therefore, when you choose a penalty bet, you need to research immediately to determine which bet to choose most accurately. Players should also pay attention to the goalkeeper catching the ball, because there are many players who catch the ball extremely well.

Analyze 2 teams

Always analyze the match when betting on penalties

Players also do not have too much confidence in strong teams because not every team with good performance can win. Member when tjoin penalty but Need to pay attention to the information as well as the progress and achievements of the two teams. Then use the data to predict which team can take better free kicks to choose the right bet.

Match analysis

Penalty bet of Players only analyzing 2 teams is not enough information, you need to pay attention to the match situation. This is one of the important factors that determine whether you should choose a team with a high chance of winning. Specifically, players need to learn about: weather, home or away field, fans, security system, match quality,…

Even during the match you also need to pay attention to the players and goalkeeper, changes in people and formation. So when you choose a bet, it will be easier and more effective. This is also one of the methods that is applied simultaneously in many other extremely effective bets.

You should bet after you have kicked the ball

Players should not rush into money bet penalty bets but wait First shot through. At that time, you will determine the ball strength, skills, and techniques of the two teams. From there, you can analyze which team is more dominant in terms of skills and football cards to customize the bet more appropriately and accurately. This way you will limit errors during the screening process leading to unnecessary loss of tank.

Choose the appropriate bet

Choose the appropriate penalty bet

As you know, There are many different types of bets. Players need to firmly grasp information about the two pointsThe football team then carefully reviews the odds to see which bet is most suitable. In addition, players need to pay attention to the rules of each bet, so that they can minimize the case of choosing the wrong bet and losing money unfairly.

Small tips when choosing a penalty handicap

Penalty odds There is also a handicap bet type, in which players need to pay attention to the following notes to determine the bet: Which team to choose?

  • If you see that the upper team is given a rate of 0.6-0.7 by the house for a long time, it is likely that the upper team will have a hard time winning. Therefore, players can consider betting on the same ball to minimize risk.
  • In case you observe that the house offers equal odds, you should prioritize choosing the team with lower performance to bet on.

How to predict over/under penalty bets

In this method, players will pay attention to the odds and settings from the house. If you see the team give the number 7 and put the money under, but while entering the field, the odds change and put the money on the over. Players can consider betting over in this case.


So you got it penalty bet What is it and how to bet. Hopefully with the information KEONHACAI provide above, players can easily find the right method to bet. In addition, we also provide more information about other interesting bets, invite you to join and learn on the website.


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