Cambodian Cockfighting – Where the Bloodiest Battles Converge


Cambodian cockfighting is where the bloodiest matches take place in the world of online cockfighting. Join New88 to learn everything about this prestigious battlefield through the top secret information about to be revealed in the following article.

What is Cambodian cockfighting?

Cambodian cockfighting is a popular form of entertainment originating from Cambodia. In this game, there will be the appearance of two fighting cocks, they will be placed in a separate arena. Here, they must use all their talents to defeat their opponents. The match will end when one of the two cocks dies or loses the ability to fight. Cockfights are often held in circular arenas called “cockpits”, where players can bet on the cocks they think will bring victory.

Learn what is the concept of cockfighting in Cambodia?

Outstanding advantages of Cambodian cockfighting

Cambodian cockfighting is known as the gathering place for Asia’s leading online cockfighting betting. Here, cockfighters will have the opportunity to experience countless exciting and dramatic matches. The reason this battlefield always attracts so many players is thanks to the following outstanding advantages:

Variety of cockfights

Online cockfighting Cambodia offers a variety of matches, to meet the needs of all cockfighters. This form includes traditional fighting matches such as: Cockfighting with iron spurs, hybrid chickens, bamboo chickens, American chickens, etc. Gamers will have many choices to participate in betting in this category. In addition, the matches are also divided into different weight categories, ensuring fairness for the cocks participating in the competition.

A large number of cockers participated

Cambodia is known as a country with a long-standing vibrant cockfighting culture. Every year, countless cockfighters from all over the world come to Cambodia to participate in top cockfights. With a large number of players, the playground has created a bustling and exciting atmosphere in each match.

Safe and convenient

Cockfighting arenas in Cambodia are equipped with modern facilities, ensuring safety for both the cockers and the fighters competing. The stands are designed to be spacious, airy, and have a good lighting system. Besides, most cockfighting arenas are integrated with Live mode to link live streaming with online bookmakers. Gamers can participate in bets anywhere, anytime with only a device that is successfully connected to the Internet.

The difference between cockfighting in Cambodia and normal cockfighting

Cambodian cockfighting is a classy type of cockfighting that attracts international competition. Therefore, the rules of cockfighting as well as the regulations of this type will be very different from regular cockfighting, specifically:


  • Cambodian cockfighting is organized and bets are placed on the following gates: Meron, Wala, BDD.
  • Meanwhile, regular chickens only bet directly on two fighting cocks.

*Chicken breed:

  • Cambodian cockfighting can use many different types of chickens, but the most common are Peruvian chickens, American chickens or Asil chickens.
  • Traditional cockfighting only uses specific breeds of chickens, which are bred specifically for fierce fighting.

*Training method:

  • Cambodian fighting cocks are trained strictly from an early age, including exercises such as: Chicken rhyming, turmeric training and a special nutritional regimen.
  • Normal chickens are often trained less, often focusing only on basic nutrition to ensure competition weight.

*Ambient air:

  • Cambodian online cockfighting often takes place in large arenas, closely organized and coordinated by professional referees.
  • Normal cockfighting is usually only held at spontaneous locations such as backyards or small arenas.
Differences between Cambodian cockfighting and normal cockfighting

What should you keep in mind when playing Cambodian cockfighting?

When playing Cambodian spur cockfighting, cockers should pay special attention to the following issues to get the best results:

  • Cambodian cockfighting has different rules from normal cockfighting in Vietnam. Therefore, cockfighters need to master the necessary regulations before participating. Besides, you also need to clearly understand the terminology, how to calculate points as well as how to determine wins and losses to avoid unwanted misunderstandings.
  • If you are the one who brings chickens to compete directly in Cambodia, you need to remember before going to the fight to ensure the health of the chickens is in the best condition from weight to health. At the same time, you should prioritize chicken breeds with clear origins to ensure value and fighting ability.
  • When participating in cockfighting betting, players should not bet on money based on emotions, but should carefully observe the fighting performance and achievements of previous fighters, then make realistic decisions. insight.
Things to note when playing online cockfighting in Cambodia

Cambodian cockfighting is where players can witness the most exciting cockfights on the planet. The diversity and vibrant atmosphere of passionate audiences in the stands will definitely help you have unforgettable experiences at đá gà New88.

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