OKVIP Charity: A Journey of Sharing Love to the Community


OKVIP charity is an activity regularly organized by the group with many activities with practical meaning. The OKVIP brand always strives to contribute a small part to share with unfortunate lives to overcome difficulties. These efforts will hopefully become a motivation for many people to be helped and rise up in life.

The true meaning of OKVIP charity

OKVIP Alliance has long been known as a leading brand in the powerful entertainment and media field. The playground name is considered to be the top in the Asian region, not only providing an exciting place to play. In particular, the corporation also shows its sense of responsibility by continuously building many meaningful community activities.

OKVIP charity programs are built on an annual basis with many practical trips. A fully organized series of activities is deducted based on 10% of the group’s profits, whether including profits or losses. Many generous donors are members of the brand.

All programs created are thoroughly researched, financially transparent and open. Everyone who accompanies and supports the playground can follow each organized activity. This creates trust and shows high responsibility with the goal of making the community better and better.

Review of OKVIP charity activities

Up to now, the group’s volunteer programs have attracted many supporters. These can be partners, subsidiaries, entertainment members themselves and more. A series of valuable events, imbued with humanity “good leaves cover torn leaves” have been strongly spread such as:

Giving scholarships and many gifts to poor children

A series of scholarships and gifts were awarded to children in remote and extremely difficult areas across the country. Up to now, we have set foot in provinces such as Da Nang, Nghe An or Binh Phuoc,… to give our sharing heart and love to children who still have many hardships.

Many practical gifts such as books, clothes or school supplies have partly improved the quality of daily life. The event received enthusiastic support from local departments and organizations where the delegation visited.

OKVIP charity contributes to building roads and schools

The brand’s success in a series of humanitarian activities cannot be ignored by the many spacious schools it has built. More progressive and modern roads connecting to the city have also been accompanied by lienminhokvip.

The programs have been carried out mainly in the northern mountainous areas, where travel is still difficult. The schools are beautiful and comfortable with spacious rooms and convenient roads. All have contributed to helping children have the opportunity to go to school, people to travel and exchange and facilitate trade.

Support programs for many unfortunate lives

OKVIP Charity also supports many tragic lives after storms, floods or other hardships. Thousands of events have been successfully organized such as “Human love lasts forever” conducted in Nghe An – Ha Tinh. Or the “Toward the Central Region” programs to support people in Thua Thien Hue to overcome the consequences after the flood season,…

The brand’s operations team also continuously has many charity trips to visit unfortunate victims. For example, visiting an unfortunate victim who was burned in a fire in Thanh Tri. Or visits and hand-delivered gifts to homeless elderly people in Ho Chi Minh city or Hanoi and more.

OKVIP charity for Cambodian people

The group is currently striving to become a reliable entertainment destination in the Asian region and reach further into the world market. Therefore, the brand’s charity campaigns are constantly expanding to many other countries, including Cambodia.

The unit sent hundreds of gifts and necessary supplies such as fish sauce, rice and many other items. The total value of the support period is up to more than 300 million VND to people in the Bavet and Svay Rieng area. It’s all about the heart and generosity of wanting the people here to have a better and more prosperous life.

OKVIP’s mission in the coming time

The OKVIP series of charity activities has shown many practical achievements, becoming meaningful for the group to continue its mission. The brand continues to expand its scope of trips across all regions of the country. In all places that really need help, we are always ready to accompany with all our might.

The unit will also try to connect with many strong souls who often forget to have more abundant funding. At the same time, improve the quality of each trip, share and give suggestions so that localities and people have more motivation to overcome life’s difficulties.

OKVIP charity promises to become a more vibrant, solidarity-filled and meaningful activity for the brand. The Group believes that its efforts will become a spreading nucleus, bringing love and noble hearts to unfortunate and difficult lives.

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