From Court to Screen: The Rise of Tennis Video Games


Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, along with basketball and football, so it should come as no surprise that video games and new technologies have affected the sport as well. The world of sports betting has entered a new era with the rise of video games in general, but video games specifically related to sports are a different story altogether. Together, let us explore this world and all that it has to offer. 

1# Brief History of Tennis

You are undoubtedly aware of tennis’s global influence, and if you’re not, you certainly don’t know anything about the betting trends or the depositing on 1xBet procedure. This sport has been practiced since the 12th century and is still among the most popular in the world today, including among bettors. Tennis was first played as a handball pastime known as “palm,” which implies that rackets were not used in it. That being said, tennis has developed into something more than just handball back and forth. Eventually, a black leather glove was used, and the first racket was created by adding a handle to the glove. Although the actual creator of modern tennis is still unknown, most sports historians believe that Major Walter Clopton Wingfield did so in 1873. In that same year, he released the first rulebook, and in 1874, he filed for a patent on his creation.                             

Following its inclusion on the Olympic schedule for the Games of the first Olympiad in Athens in 1896, tennis became incredibly popular among sports fans all over the world.

2# The Rise of Sports Video Games

In the 2000s, when almost every home had access to the internet, video games started to appear on the market. Initially, we witnessed the emergence of timeless genres like action-adventure, which remain incredibly popular to this day. But as the industry developed, new titles began to dominate the market. These new genres, which are currently the most popular computer games worldwide, are known as eSports. These led to the release of sports games on the market, with FIFA, the well-known football simulator, being one of the most played. And while a lot of players think that FIFA was the first sports simulator to hit the scene, they are terribly wrong. Tennis for Two, which is a tennis simulator as its name implies, was the first to hit the scene and was released in 1958—much earlier than the internet.

3# The First Tennis Video Game

Tennis for Two was a competitive two-player oscilloscope-based game that mimicked a real game of tennis. After positioning their racket at a desired angle, the players would press a button to bring it back, making it look like they’re playing a real match. Do not assume that it looked even remotely modern; it had a very retro aesthetic that was surprisingly contemporary for the era.  In the early days of video game development, it was among the first titles created.

Hundreds of people flocked to the annual public exhibition held by Brookhaven National Laboratory to try out the game when it was first introduced. Over the course of the following year, the developers made updates that allowed for the simulation of various gravity levels, including a larger oscilloscope screen and a more complex design. However, due to a patent issue, the game was forgotten about after its initial release until the 1970s. We can categorically say that Tennis for Two became a significant part of gaming history and signaled the start of a whole new era for games worldwide. 

4# Modern Tennis Games

Despite having a common feature—most of them accurately replicate a real tennis game—modern ones do not resemble Tennis for Two in the slightest. We have an enormous selection of games to choose from on every platform that is available to us in the modern world. Is it not fantastic that new technologies allow players to play tennis via a multiplayer network without ever leaving their house by using controllers instead of rackets?       

Since the days of Tennis for Two, the simulators have continued to advance and astound players due to player preference. Additionally, these games can be played with other players, which enhances their social adaptability and appeals to a wider range of players.Games like Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip, Wii Sports, Tennis World Tour, and Top Spin 4 are some of the most played modern tennis titles. These titles are accessible on various platforms, ranging from the Nintendo Switch to the PC.


Tennis is definitely one of the most popular sports worldwide, and it’s no surprise that the first video game ever released was a tennis one. This sport has been around for a very long time and continues to be very popular today, which shows that it can change and adapt over time without losing its core benefits and attributes. While the original tennis video game was immensely popular and captivating when it was first released, subsequent ones are equally amazing and captivating. The majority of them are extremely catchy and give users a lot of options, like playing with other users on a multiplayer network. We suggest you have a look at some of the current tennis simulators if you are a fan who enjoys playing as well as watching; they are excellent sports simulators that can almost completely replace the real thing. 

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