What are Bayer Leverkusen’s and Tottenham’s title chances?

What are Bayer Leverkusen's and Tottenham's title chances?
What are Bayer Leverkusen’s and Tottenham’s title chances?

For fans looking to understand the intricacies of football betting, mastering the bet9ja sportsbook in Nigeria offers a comprehensive guide, especially when it comes to predicting league outcomes. This becomes particularly relevant as we analyze the current football season, where the unexpected seems to be the norm.

In the Bundesliga, Bayer Leverkusen is showing a strong performance, defying odds and expectations. Meanwhile, in the Premier League, Tottenham, despite losing key player Harry Kane, has taken full advantage of a schedule devoid of European competitions, mirroring Leicester’s fairy tale story in some respects.

It’s November already, the season is in full swing. There aren’t many teams left that haven’t lost yet.

In the Bundesliga recently, there were 3 such teams at once, but Bayern went down loudly to Borussia Dortmund, so it’s only 2 teams.

Tottenham reigns supreme in the APL. 

Unexpectedly, Ange Postecoglou’s team, which lost its main star and shuffler, Harry Kane, has skillfully taken advantage of a schedule without European competitions, avoiding injuries and playing just once a week. Reminiscent of the Leicester story.

For at least another month, no one should stop the Londoners from stamping points, but the derby with Chelsea in the recent match was not without problems. 2 penalties at Spurs and the result was a 1:4 defeat.

On December 3, the match with Man City was away. If they do not lose there, the comfortable calendar will be happy until February.

As for the odds on the championship – 10.00. So far do not believe it.

Arsenal, on the other hand, are rolling powerfully for the second season in a row. Arteta’s team is listed second for the championship on par with Liverpool (at 6.00). 

Arsenal had only three top opponents in the APL before February: twice Liverpool and Newcastle. Magpies already today, the series without defeat may well break.

By the way, in the line on the “Best club in London” Arsenal goes for 1.30, Tottenham – 3.50. It seems that the bookmakers’ analysts know something and the day of “St. Totteringham’s” cannot be avoided.

The Bundesliga is something special

2 teams at once – Bayern (expected), and Bayer Leverkusen (unexpected, but we all believed) go without defeats. It’s hard to say anything new about Bayern: Harry Kane is stamping, Tuchel is aloof, the stars are plentiful, the budget is huge. Who, if not them? And the departure from the German Cup from Saarbrücken will add sporting anger to the Bavarians.

The leader and just plain cool on the game is Bayer’s Xabi Alonso. Leverkusen is serious about not playing in “Neverkusen” this season.

Alonso, with his clever combination of play and adaptability to any opponent, has quietly climbed to the top of the table. There are no injuries, and the first match against Bayern (2:2) is behind us.

And the last stop in France, where Nice sits atop Ligue 1.

They have the most reliable defense in the top leagues, with only 4 goals in 10 rounds. They take a combination of high pressing and switching to a 5-4-1 with a deep block. At the same time, Nice is almost never stuck between these stages – always either pressure or bus. Mostly all wins are minimal, the “defense wins titles” rule is still at work here.

The odds of PSG winning the championship are 15.00. The calendar whispers that the collection of points will continue, while the bruised Parisians after losing 2:3 will wait for any misfire before the response.


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