Gambling trends at Canadian online casinos


Online gambling is a constantly evolving field that includes sports betting, casinos, fantasy sports, and more. It’s developing around the world at a breakneck pace; just blink, and you’re already behind its latest trends.

The last few years have seen the industry boom in Canada, with more and more provinces legalizing sports betting and online casinos, and the number will increase even faster in 2024. When the coronavirus restrictions were introduced, the online gambling sector was one of the sectors where profits and customer base grew the most. Statistics, artificial intelligence, and algorithms are coming to the forefront of the gambling space, and players are becoming more experienced and sophisticated.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain in online casinos

The growing adoption of mobile and online payment gateways has made payment options convenient for consumers and online gamers, especially if there are minimum deposits involved. Moreover, the security and ease for the best 1 dollar deposits for Canadians is ensured at the legislative level. The gamer can feel secure knowing that their funds are protected whether they are depositing $1 or $1,000. Online payments are a safe and trustworthy transaction method that is accepted by the online gaming industry.

The use of blockchain in the gambling business is not just a tribute to tendency. Introducing this technology allows operators to provide the highest level of security for transactions. This increases user confidence in the site and allows you to attract new customers. The main advantages of using blockchain in online gambling are:

  1. The system automatically records all transactions that take place in the game – the calculations between players and casinos become as transparent as possible.
  2. Blockchain is impossible to hack. This allows us to protect online venues from fraudsters and unscrupulous players.
  3. Data stored in a distributed registry cannot be altered.

More and more virtual casinos offer their customers the option to make payments using cryptocurrencies. The main advantages of using digital money in online gambling include the following:

  • Security. The user does not need to specify personal data when depositing. This is a guarantee that the gambler’s personal information will be protected from third parties.
  • Benefits. When making payment transactions using cryptocurrencies, the commission is either absent at all or much less than when using fiat money.
  • Promptness. It takes much less time to deposit and withdraw winning funds than to make payments traditionally.
  • Anonymity. Using cryptocurrency to deposit at the casino, the player can anonymously make all transactions.

In the next five years, blockchain and cryptocurrencies will continue to be major trends in the gambling industry. At the same time, in the future, there may be large gambling operators that will operate only with digital money. And blockchain, in turn, will be used to store special data, such as agreements with the rules and conditions of participation in games.

Mobile gambling and the adaptability of sites for mobile devices

Every year, the number of players who visit online casinos via mobile devices is increasing globally. According to research, from 2018 to 2021, the growth in the share of gamblers using smartphones to participate in gambling amounted to 128%. Such figures are explained by the fact that mobile devices are becoming more accessible and functional. Also, communication standards are improving, and coverage of high-speed mobile Internet is expanding. Today, to play video slots or bet on a sporting event, you do not need to go to a computer club. It is enough to use a smartphone as access to the gambling site can be obtained from any convenient place.

To meet all the demands of users, the leaders of the gambling market develop separate versions of sites for desktop devices and portable devices. Thanks to this, gamblers can participate in entertainment on computers, smartphones, or tablets. Some casinos have their own mobile applications. Thanks to such programs, online gambling has become even more accessible.

Adoption of new technologies

To remain competitive, gambling operators will continue to introduce new technologies to their online venues in 2024. The main successful areas are systems with artificial intelligence elements and VR solutions.

Today, with the help of AI programs, online casinos can accomplish the following tasks:

  • Formation of personalized offers for customers. An algorithm integrated into the site studies how the user behaves on the site and based on the data collected predicts what entertainment he might like. These are the ones it recommends to him.
  • Combating ludomania and fraudsters.
  • Tracking and studying the activity of players, predicting the likelihood of their leaving from the site. This information can be used in the development of customer retention campaigns.
  • Automation of the process of communication with customers. For this purpose, chatbots are introduced on casino platforms.

Improvement of the game process. Modern AI systems can act as full-fledged poker players.

As for VR solutions, they are used to attract and retain customers. Today, on the online market, there are separate gambling establishments and games that support virtual reality technologies. They allow you to fully give yourself to the gaming process and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the casino. Every year, devices that support virtual reality technology are becoming more functional and affordable. Thanks to this, they can be used by more gamblers.

New types of gambling

The creation of new types of gambling games is not only relevant where blockchain technology is used. Hundreds of gambling solutions for leisure activities appear on the market every day. Both those that can be attributed to gambling in the classical sense and those that are hybrid projects, but with gambling mechanics.

There is also an opposite pattern when elements from other settings are introduced into a classic gambling game, for example, from an RPG. And this introduction is not just surround-subject elements, but full-fledged branches of pumping or non-linear storylines. All this would not have happened if players did not require new ways to entertain themselves. And then we can safely say that such projects are the future.

Games with live dealers

Experts note that the popularity of games with live dealers has increased due to the spread of mobile communication. Also, it became more convenient for players to participate in such entertainment due to the improvement in video broadcasting quality and the increase in the size of smartphone screens.

Live games quickly gained the trust of gamblers, as they allowed them to not only participate in gambling entertainment but also simultaneously communicate with the real dealer as well as other visitors to the institution. In such games, they can maximize the atmosphere of land-based casinos without leaving home.


In 2024, networking will help entrepreneurs find new customers, business partners, or investors. In the gambling industry, platforms for productive networking are thematic events. They are held in different parts of the world and bring together industry leaders and the best experts specializing in the development and promotion of gambling businesses.

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