The 7 Golden Rules of Gambling

When you think of gambling what is the first thing that comes to mind? Having a poker night with your friends; throwing chips around in Vegas, or playing online slots with lucrative casino bonuses found at
Gambling can be a fun social activity that allows you to escape the everyday and thrive off the thought of catching that ‘big win’. Sounds like the ideal way to let your hair down, right? Well before you get carried away, let’s get to know the basics to ensure you have a great time online or off.

1. Know, study and stick to the rules!

Now to most this might seem fairly obvious; you wouldn’t walk down the road blindfolded or sign a cheque before knowing what it’s for; gambling is no exception.
Although some games are a chance of luck, not knowing the rules of a game will result in you losing money – that is never fun.
Knowing the rules of not just the game you decide to play but also the ‘house rules’ – which
are rules set out by the casino on or offline – will help you to navigate the sometimes complex games hopefully without penalty.

2. Don’t go above your limit, it’s not worth it

Are you a millionaire or the founder of a hugely successful tech giant? If the answer is no, you’d better continue reading.
Gambling can be an addictive & expensive form of entertainment if you don’t set yourself limits , both in terms of time and money.
When something becomes addictive, just like smoking, it can become increasingly difficult to stop.
You might be on the cusp of feeling like you’re onto a win or trying to claw back the money you have lost, yet hours have gone by and the scenario is unchanged. STOP.
Set an allotted amount of time you will spend in a game; set a clear budget that, should you be unlucky enough to lose it all, you are comfortable to do so.

3. Do you trust the house?

This is likely the most important rule that anyone wishing to enter the world of gambling should pay attention to – especially if it is the only one you take away from this list!
Know whether the house you’re playing in is legitimate or if the site has reputable reviews and is listed.
If you’re wandering around the street looking for a back alley to find the casino your ‘friend’ recommended – don’t bother.
Similarly online, whereby there are trusted sites such as, there are also many that will take advantage & potentially create unfair games.
Don’t fall into this trap and do your research.

4. Gambling & alcohol is NOT a match made in heaven

Whilst driving under the influence is illegal, with gambling it is not; yet it doesn’t mean this is any less of a stupid idea.
Having a few drinks with your friends, laughing and throwing the chips on the table hoping to strike lucky is all part of the thrill; however it only takes one bad judgment call to turn the fun into deep regret.
We have all been there; you’re getting confident on the table. Drink. You’re winning more money. Drink. You lose track of where the game is up to. Drink.
You decide to go big and place it all on red. Drink… you lose. The game is not so fun now, is it?

5. Win don’t lose…

Obvious right? Besides the fact that gambling is supposed to be an enjoyable game, the aim is also to try and come away with a win – or at least break even.
As hard as it might be to step away when you’re up, this is actually the smartest time to do so; guaranteeing you walk away with your pockets full, not empty.
Continuing to spend your winnings is not a winner made and could see you lose everything. There is a common saying “the house always wins”, 9 times out of 10 this is likely true; therefore be the exception and if you have more money then when you started, walk away.

6. Take a break, relax.

This goes without saying, but no one is forcing you to stay and play; the option to pause is there both offline or on.
Step away, take a breather & clear your head; this might just be the clarity you need to touch base with yourself and review those limits you set out at the beginning – I hope.

7. Have a little fun

The easiest rule to follow is saved for last. Gambling is supposed to be an enjoyable sport
whether you’re playing poker with your friends around the dining room table, out in a casino praying for that ace-king combo in Blackjack or watching the wheel spin hoping for it to land on red in an online game. Enjoy the games, the atmosphere and when it is no longer enjoyable, you should consider how to stop gambling.
Follow the above steps & you might just strike lucky!
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