The Pros and Cons of Football Bet Builders

Few innovations in the sports betting industry have caught on quite like football bet builders. Some betting sites have their own terminology for the type of bet, but most people have adopted the “bet builder” term now. They are an interesting way to wager no doubt, allowing bettors to be more creative and creating a sense of engagement and gamification that makes them a popular offering from the betting sites.
However, just because they are popular doesn’t mean they are the best way to place a bet. Bet builders have advantages, but they also have drawbacks. Perhaps the most important issue is whether bettors are using them properly. Below, we will try to highlight some of those pros and cons. But first, let’s look at what a bet builder actually is:

What Is a Bet Builder?

A bet builder is a multiple-leg parlay/accumulator on a single event. For example, a football match. Instead of betting on a single outcome, such as the winner, you can bet on several things happening in the game. The odds are accumulated, meaning you will typically have much greater potential winnings. An example of a bet builder in a hypothetical game between Manchester United and Liverpool is shown below:
Manchester United to win
Liverpool to take 5+ corners
Bruno Fernandes to receive a yellow card
Both teams to score
The above shows four independent events in the same game, and these make up the legs of the bet builder. All must be correct for the bet builder to win. As we mentioned, it’s arguably a more engaging way to bet. Indeed, bet builders are particularly popular for games that people are watching live, particularly big events like the Champions League Final or a Big 6 clash in the Premier League.

Cons of Bet Builders

In our view, there are two main drawbacks to bet builders. The first is the propensity for bettors to choose legs on outcomes that are almost completely random. A random outcome in betting is desirable when spinning on slots like Football Rules or flipping a coin, but in sports betting there is a desire for knowledge-based outcomes. If you are betting on who will take the first throw-in or whether the number of corners will be an odd or even number, then you are going down the wrong track.
Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, there is the question of fair value. By that, we mean the calculation of the odds. If it was, say, even money for a team to win and 6/1 for a player to score the first goal, you will not receive 12/1 as part of the accumulator in the bet builder. The bookmakers will argue that these are related events, meaning the goal has an impact on the outcome of the match. However, it is worth noting that the bet builder odds will be worse than they would have been had they been independent events (bets on separate games).

Pros of Bet Builders

While the above might sound quite negative about bet builders, it’s not to say that they are not advantageous to bettors. One of the main areas is in stats-based betting. As we mentioned, betting on random outcomes should be seen as anathema to serious punters. But bet builders also allow bettors to place bets with stats-backed evidence. Discipline, such as yellow cards or number of fouls, and attack stats, such as shots on target by a specific player, can all be backed by stats. Indeed, you’ll often see professional tipsters
on sites like Twitter share recommended bet builders that are heavily based on statistics.
Finally, we should go to the main argument – it’s a more engaging way to bet. Having multiple legs in the same game is somewhat more exciting and a little frustrating! You may have done the hard work, backing the right team to win, a player to score, and then you are waiting on the ref to deliver one more yellow card to complete the bet. That kind of engagement is part of what makes betting fun. Although, remember that even if bet builders seem like fun, you should always gamble responsibly.
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