Kai Havertz – Promising young player with breakthrough playing style


Midfielder Kai Havertz with outstanding football skills is recording many impressive achievements in the Bundesliga and Premier League. In official matches, players always show dynamism and dedication. Rarely does this guy miss the opportunity to create an important goal that sets the final score. We will learn more about him through the following sharing from Xoilac TV phongkhamago.com live football.

Brief introduction about Kai Havertz

With Xoilac TV phongkhamago.com’s information, Kai Lukas Havertz is a young German player with an ideal height of up to 1m9 and currently plays in the midfield position. He is highly appreciated by experts for his technique and playing style. The striker played for many clubs before signing a contract with Arsenal, and still plays actively with the German national team.

Kai Havertz has been familiar with the ball since he was 4 years old. Alemannia Mariendorf is the amateur club that gave wings to the little boy’s dream of going straight to Bayer Leverkusen. When he was only 11 years old, he received the U17 Fritz Walter Silver medal. This is also the youngest player to have the honor of appearing 100 times in Germany’s top tournaments.

Havertz is a young German striker who is playing quite successfully

Kai Havertz’s outstanding football career

Havertz played quite prominently at the clubs he played for. Since officially turning professional, the striker has been fortunate to join the ranks of many top quality teams such as:

Club level

Audiences remember Kai Havertz most during his years with Bayer Leverkusen and Chelsea. The German player always plays impressively and leaves beautiful images with the club:

At Bayer Leverkusen: rising from U-17, Havertz is the youngest debutant in the Bundesliga. He was selected to start 50 matches when he was only 18 years old and continuously broke many team records. Many of the goals that created a breakthrough for the club all came from the German striker.

At Chelsea: Havertz signed a 5-year contract with the home team Stamford Stadium on September 4, 2020. He and the club won the UEFA Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup 2021-2022. Entering the 2022-2023 season, the player still managed to score goals to help the team reach the knockout round before leaving for Arsenal.

At Arsenal: the Gunners are Havertz’s next stop with a contract signed in June 2023.

At each Havertz club, it creates its own unique mark

Kai Havertz plays for the German national team

Havertz has also played for the German team many times to participate in friendly matches until UEFA Euro and FIFA World Cup. Since 2018 until now, the striker has contributed many assists to accurately score goals and score goals against opponents. Thereby, together with his teammates, he reached the knockout rounds of major tournaments.

However, the German team still does not have the opportunity to go deep into the inner rounds to create a spectacular comeback. The audience has high hopes for Havertz and the group of young players who will make a stronger breakthrough in the coming years.

Havertz’s interesting playing style

Havertz can play flexibly in many positions but most prominently is midfielder. The striker can easily move quickly to break through the opponent’s defense to pass the ball well to his teammates up front. He exudes comfort and a desire to score goals to add heat to the match.

Many experts have praised the young German player. The striker’s talent is compared to Michael Ballack, Toni Kroos, Alleskönner. It is not too much to evaluate the ability Havertz possesses to deserve to become the best player in the history of Bayer Leverkusen.

Kai Havertz always shows an energetic and comfortable spirit on the field


The above interesting shares have helped the audience better understand Kai Havertz. This is a talented young striker who promises to continue the success of his predecessor to create a golden table of remarkable achievements. There is still a lot of other interesting information about outstanding players that you should not miss at Xoilac TV https://phongkhamago.com/.

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