Introducing the Club – Arsenal – Stronghold of Gunners


Anyone who is passionate about English football certainly knows Arsenal. The club’s illustrious sports career can be ranked among the most successful in Europe and the world. Fans are always interested in learning information about the team. To understand more about The Gunners, let’s learn about today’s article with live football Xoilac TV

Introducing the team

Arsenal officially debuted in 1886 and has been in operation for more than 130 years. At first, the club only participated in a few local friendly tournaments, but by the beginning of the twentieth century, it had moved to compete in the English First Division. Historically, the Gunners have only been relegated once, in 1913. Otherwise, we always see them participating in many top prestigious arenas.

Xoilac TV rates the 20th century as Arsenal’s peak playing period. The club has touched the throne in many English national championships, FA Cup, Premier League, Europa League, UEFA Cup,… The team owns a huge fan community ranked 5th in the world. . Every time The Gunners appear, it always creates a vibrant football atmosphere in the stands, bringing beautiful images of king sports.

However, the club’s performance in recent times is being assessed as rapidly declining. Mikel Arteta’s teachers and students missed the opportunity to win the Premier League championship in the 2022 – 2023 season for Man City. The team even unfortunately lost in the Sporting CP match in C2 Cup and officially stopped in the 1/8 round. The audience is waiting for the improvement of the gunners to soon return to the top of glory.

The Gunners Club is no longer strange to fans who are passionate about English football

Some interesting information about Arsenal

Not all audiences fully grasp the most basic information about The Gunners football team. Therefore, Xoilac TV has summarized important things surrounding the club so that we can have more useful sports knowledge as follows:

Origin of establishment and development journey

Dial Square football team was founded by a group of workers in Woolwich in 1886 and was the predecessor of Arsenal. Initially, they played in small tournaments in Southeast London and went through many name changes until after 1914-1915 when they were finally established as they are today. The club also moved north to start its professional journey.

The history of the Gunners team has also gone through many ups and downs with different stages of development as follows:

From 1919–1953: Under the guidance of Chapman, then Joe Shaw and George Allison helped the club conquer many championships. Thereby laying a solid foundation for dominance in English football.

From 1953–1986: the team began to decline, to record consecutive losses in the 50s and 60s. After Bertie Mee and Terry Neill took over, the club regained its form and reputation in Europe.

From 1986–2018: Graham and Wenger created glorious history for the team. This is the period when the club flourished with many consecutive victories. The team also attracts many foreign players to join and strongly develops the youth team.

From 2018 to present: The club has appointed many new coaches but has not found a positive direction. The team is almost absent from championships and plays quite lacklusterly.

The team’s development history has gone through many ups and downs

Outstanding title Arsenal has achieved

The Gunners’ golden achievements are not inferior to any veteran English team with many victories going down in football history such as:

13 times Premier League champion.

13 times FA Cup champion.

Champion of the English Super Cup, English League Cup, Charity Shield.

Won the UEFA Cup in 1994.

Won the UEFA Cup in 1970.

Gunners’ stadium

In the early years of his career, the club played mainly at Highbury. After 93 years of association, the team decided to move to Emirates in July 2006. Thereby helping to increase the audience capacity to more than 60,000 seats and becoming a symbol of the London Gunners.

Emirates is currently the official home stadium of Arsenal FC


Thus, the article has provided information about Arsenal Club to the audience. Thereby helping us understand more about the team’s development and the outstanding achievements it has achieved. To continue to follow more useful articles about The Gunners, please visit Xoilac TV regularly.


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