Manchester City – Premier League top club


In the list of professional clubs dominating football in the foggy country, Manchester City cannot be missing. The Citizens strikers always take the field with a vibrant spirit and give the audience countless impressive performances. Thereby building a treasure trove of desirable achievements in its development history. Let’s find out more information about the team from the following Xoilac TV football live stream.

Overview of the football club

Manchester City is among the top long-standing development teams and regularly participates in many top-class arenas. Up to now, the football club has been accompanying sports for more than 140 years and chose the blue shirt color as its identity. Right from the first days of their debut, The Sky Blues quickly won many major titles to win the hearts of fans.

According Xoilac TV, in the past, Manchester City has repeatedly won the championship in UEFA Cup Winners’, FA, League Cup, Premier League,… And most recently, the football club reached the C1 final for the first time. 2021/2022 season. This is the cradle of training for many generations of excellent players in the world such as Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, Ederson,…

The blue shirt team always knows how to stir up the atmosphere on the field

Stages of development of Manchester City

The Citizens’ football career was not always filled with glory and success. The football club once fell into dark times when it was constantly relegated. However, the team came back strongly to gradually assert its position. Let’s learn about the following basic development periods:

The beginning of Manchester City

The East Manchester football team was officially founded in 1880 and has gone through many name changes and stadium changes. The football club had the opportunity to advance to the first division when it won the second division in 1899. This was a favorable step for the strikers to continue to create many successes later in the FA Cup and C2.

The football club also had a decline in performance and had to be relegated in the 60s of the twentieth century. Under the leadership of Joe Mercer and Malcolm Allison, the whole team rallied their spirits to quickly return to the European football map with many eye-catching victories.

2008-2013: the football club changed owners with many new changes

Abu Dhabi United officially became the new owner of The Citizens in August 2008. The group has strongly signed huge contracts to help add many quality strikers to the football club. Thereby helping the team reach the quarterfinals of the UEFA Cup the following season or win the 2011-2012 Premier League championship, ending 44 years of waiting from fans.

Manchester City has aggressively purchased more strong players

2013-2016: The team’s performance was unstable

During the next 3 years, The Citizens did not play too prominently although they still scored many goals. Football clubs often have to unfortunately stop at the semi-finals and quarter-finals of major tournaments. In general, under coach Manuel Pellegrini, The Sky Blues only created a few bright spots such as winning the League Cup and being runner-up in the European Cup.

Period from 2016–present

To revive the players’ morale, the football club decided to let Pep Guardiola take the position of head coach. With his ingenious military leadership, he came up with many breakthrough strategies and brought in countless quality recruits. The team’s strength was significantly increased, quickly sweeping the scoreboard in prestigious rankings.

Outstanding achievements have been achieved by the football club

Manchester City’s golden achievements are not inferior to any big names in the land of fog. Here are some noble titles that football clubs have successfully conquered throughout the history of football development:

7 times Premier League champion.

1 time champion of C2 Cup.

6 times champion of the English League Cup.

6 times FA Cup champion.

2 times Carabao Cup champion.

Reached the final of UEFA Champions League season 2021/2022.

The football club owns a long list of prestigious championships


Thus, Xoilac TV has compiled some of the most basic information about Manchester City to send to the audience. Thereby helping you understand more about one of Europe’s top quality football clubs. Surely in the future, the team will continue to bring fans more memorable competitions.

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