Most Popular Sports to Bet on in Africa


For many Africans, sports are an integral aspect of daily life. Africans enjoy the rush of competitiveness, whether playing a brief game with friends or watching it on television. This passion for sports goes hand in hand with another thing that has grown in popularity throughout the continent: sports betting. The ability to profit from the support of your preferred team is something that many African nations have swiftly embraced.

In most nations, sports betting has swiftly surpassed more conventional (and contemporary) forms of gambling. These include playing at land-based casinos and on internet gambling platforms. However, not all sports are equally popular with bettors; in fact, some draw significantly more wagerers than others. Find out which sports are most popular in Africa to wager on by reading on.

The popularity of betting in Africa

Africa has a long and intriguing history with sports betting that dates back to pre-colonial times. However, it was in the twenty-first century that sports betting gained traction in the country. Sports betting has increased significantly throughout the African continent. Several governments across the continent have committed large sums of money to help the gaming industry flourish. Many Africans are also expanding and deepening their already strong relationships with international athletics and sports and researching often-asked questions about the best betting sites in South Africa due to the rising popularity of online sports betting.

Soccer (Football)

Football, or soccer, is without a doubt the most widely gambled-on sport in Africa. Not only is it the most often gambled upon sport, but it is also the most popular sport over the majority of the continent. Soccer is adored, whether it is by children playing in the street, adults planning games on the weekends, or large gatherings of people to watch a match. Not only is it entertaining to watch, but the majority of African citizens take up the sport from an early age and, at the very least, become quite skilled players. Some of the world’s greatest soccer players, including Mohamed Salah and George Weah, are also from the continent. 

Nations on the continent also hold large-scale competitions like the Africa Cup of Nations. A passion for European soccer and events like the UEFA European Championship both contribute to the growth of the sport’s fan base and increase in wagering on game results. There has also been a surge in wagering on this sport since live betting was introduced, which was relatively recent.


Rugby is undoubtedly a favorite among African sports enthusiasts, despite being more popular in South Africa than in certain other African nations. Strong national teams compete in this sport in Kenya, Ghana, Namibia, and South Africa, the latter of which has won the World Cup several times.

This sport stands out in part because it seems to appeal to all age groups. Everyone, from women to little children, can be drawn to surrounding screens or, better yet, a live game by the excitement of a close match and the suspense of who will win.

It makes sense that fans would place significant wagers on this sport given their intense interest in it and their prediction of which team would win each time a match is played. Bets are also encouraged by events such as the Rugby Championship (formerly known as the Tri-Nations) and the Africa Cup.

 Similar to soccer, the accessibility of this sport is another element in its appeal as a gambling venue. The excitement of placing a wager is increased by the fact that many sportsbooks, both online and in casinos, offer live soccer wagers.


It’s a common misconception that basketball is primarily an American sport, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, basketball and it’s roots date back to the 1960s Africa, and today it is a popular sport across central and northern Africa.

Many bettors eagerly await upcoming games to try their luck and cheer on their favorite players in major contests like the AfroBasket. These are also in abundant supply since many American teams search Africa for new players.

Over 70 African players have been added to clubs in the past by the National Basketball Association (NBA), undoubtedly the biggest basketball professional league in the world. Nigeria is among the wealthiest nations in sports, producing athletes such as Festus Ezeli and Josh Okogie.

The sport is commonly offered by bookmakers, and live betting is sometimes possible. This has caused many supporters to routinely bet on it in addition to their strong desire to support their club financially.

The sports listed above are the ones that bettors like the most, while many others are also extremely popular in Africa, including handball, wrestling, cycling, athletics, and rallying. These sports continue to bring in millions of dollars each year as residents try their hardest to gain good fortune, thanks to the continent’s rapidly expanding gambling market.


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