Canoville Says the UK Government Should not Politicize Chelsea.

Canoville Says the UK Government Should not Politicize Chelsea.

Chelsea legend Paul Canoville has urged the UK government not to politicize the club following its takeover from owner Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea workers, according to the former winger, do not deserve such uncertainty.

“My heart fell when I woke up to the headlines of Chelsea being compromised by the Government due to the owner’s sanction,” he told PA Sport.

“I think that every sane and rational human being is entirely opposed to the war Putin is raging in Ukraine. It is depraved and I thoroughly condemn it.

“If, as the Government is claiming, Roman Abramovich is associated with Putin then I wholeheartedly agree with his being sanctioned and being made to forfeit ownership of my football club.

“Sadly though the way they have gone about it has not only put the club itself in danger of collapsing as sponsors run away, they are also putting many employees at risk of losing their livelihoods through no fault whatsoever of their own, and also the work of the academy and Chelsea Foundation supporting thousands of young people.

“I have been speaking to members of the Chelsea Foundation staff who are in tears and are desperate to know what is going on.

“I am asking that the Government do not play politics with my football club and allow new buyers to take over the club without delay.

“I think this is politics, and I think that’s wrong, totally wrong.

“I am sure the Government would have realised this was going to happen. While the news pages and TV stations are 24/7 Chelsea we are not hearing so much about the Government’s disregard for Ukrainian refugees. Nothing surprises me about this.”


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